Can anyone else not wait until Fall so they can return to dressing in clothes that they actually like?

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Mill City Museum, Gold Medal Flour, and the Guthrie Theater.

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Websites where you input what’s in your fridge to see what recipes you can make with them:


If you’re like me, sometimes you want to make something, but don’t know where to start. These websites have been useful to me and I’m sure they will be very useful for you as well:

If you enter an ingredient you have, these websites will come up with recipes that use them:

I hope you all find these websites useful. // Angela

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Footprints on the Moon. December 12, 1972.


Footprints on the Moon. December 12, 1972.

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Cat transit system! Interior designer Jillian Northrup and her husband architect Jeffrey McGrew, has designed a transportation tube fit to line the interior walls of their office, stretching around the room, past desks, and over an armoire. The aesthetically complementing tube even features its own tiny windows for traveling cats to take a break and look around.


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i stepped on the scale today and it said “bat”

it took me a few seconds to realize it meant the battery was out, but before i realized that i just said “i am not a bat” out loud

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